Do i need css knowledge to use this plugin?

You do not need to know very much about css but it wil help if you know the basics, you can learn anything about css (the basics, everything about all properties and more advanced css) on this great website: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_intro.asp

I would love to use this plugin but it is not available for the platform i am using

If you use a platform that we do not support (yet) please send us a message through our envato profile and we wil take a look at it!

I cant see the changes i made on my live website

In many cases this is the cause of caching, please make sure you cleared your browser cache and if your website is using a caching system or caching plugin then make sure to refresh those to.
If you still cant see your changes then please create a support ticket on this website.

Does this plugin work with the theme i am using?

Yes it does! the plugin does work on any website and with any theme!

Can i change HTML with this plugin

No you cant, this plugin is build to change the layout of your website by creating CSS code it is nog possible to edit HTML code with this plugin.

Can i add pseudo elements?

Yes you can! when editing a selector you can hover over the last part to select a pseudo element like a :before or a :after element.

Wil this plugin have a negative impact on the performance of my website?

No it won't! this plugins creates and caches a minified css file wich is loaded in the same way as the default website css files.

Do i have to pay for future updates of this plugin?

No you do not have to pay for updates, updates are free for any platform you bought the plugin for.


Can i add parallax background images?

Yes you can, click here to see an example video

Where are the generated css files?

The generated files can be found at:

Silverstripe: In the assets folder
WordPress: In the generatedcss folder located in the stylechanger plugin folder
Magento: In the media folder

Do i need to add vendor prefixes to my css in the code editor?

No there is no need to add the vendor prefixes yourself, the plugin will add these if needed for you when the css is generated!