Selector tools

Use the point and click selector tools to quickly select the elements you want to change, cant find the correct selector? then try the tree tool, or do you want full control then use the selector input with autocompletion!

600+ fonts

Customize all your fonts with a click, you can choose from more then 600 fonts powered by the google font library.

The latest and greatest

You can use the latest css3 properties and values, like flex box, transforms, filters, vw and vw units and many more. You don´t have to worry about vendor prefixes because the plugin does this for you!

Multiple platforms

This plugin is available for multiple platforms, currently we support Silverstripe, WordPress and Magento but we are always looking for new platforms to support!

Clean output

The plugin creates a valid, clean and minified css file and loads it automatically on your live site without any performance penalty!

Well documentated and A* support

We are continuously updating and improving our documentation, and if you have a question that you cant find in the documentation than you can alway count on us for support! 

A lifetime of updates

Updates to the plugin from the platform you bought are free, this includes bug fixes, improved functionality and new features!

Responsive tools

Make your website look great on all devices using our responsive tools.

Live code editor

Do you prefer to write your own code? then u can use our great live code editor complete with autocomplete and code hints.


Create the perfect gradient using the gradient background tool